5/9/17 Assignment 6 I believe that advertising has its purpose as it is a platform for businesses to expand and try to sell you their product. Without advertising people would most likely have a harder time finding what to buy and what something is in detail. Connor Coleman Advertisements

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5/9/17 Assignment #3- “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”  – Leonardo Da Vinci My interpretation of this quote would be that learning things is the most important and most honorable things to do Connor Coleman

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5/9/17 As my first blog post, I am writing about A Tribe Called Quest. I assume this will be fitting as it is my background, and will be used as context. ATCQ started in the early 90’s with Q-Tip, as the lead rapper and partial DJ. After sometime, Ali Shaheed Muhammad joined in and became […]

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First blog post

I am very much into just about all music, primarily 90’s rap, 60’s-70’s soul and classic rock. I enjoy skating, hanging out with my friends and researching history and space. My dream job would be as a NASA engineer, as i would like to build something that would further advance human life in a less […]

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