Block B Assignment 11

Music effects people as it is a reflection of a culture and society and can spread ideas and thoughts in a fast and effective manner. Music is enjoyable and can change moods of people very quickly. Music can both change peoples opinions and show peoples opinions. Advertisements

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Block B Assignment 7

Puck is a universal character and is shown throughout a multitude of stories. He is a good supporting character because he can be thrown into many different stories and allow a good shedding of light on a specific person or subject.

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5/9/17 My favorite TV shows are Futurama, the Office, 30 Rock, Band of Brothers and Rick and Morty. I’ve watched through Futurama over 10 times, and the rest 2-3 times all the way through. I don’t really sit down and have specifically TV time but rather I normally will multitask and watch TV while doing […]

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5/9/17 One of my favorite things to collect is shoes, as they are comfy, they look good and can be worn. I currently have only about 6 pairs, although my collection is growing by the month. I spend all my money on shoes, and i am addicted. My favorite brand is Adidas however i like […]

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5/9/17 Assignment 6 I believe that advertising has its purpose as it is a platform for businesses to expand and try to sell you their product. Without advertising people would most likely have a harder time finding what to buy and what something is in detail. Connor Coleman

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5/9/17 Assignment #3- “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”  – Leonardo Da Vinci My interpretation of this quote would be that learning things is the most important and most honorable things to do Connor Coleman

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