Block C Assignment 11

Jazz Music Jazz Features Brass instruments mainly Improvisational pieces Off-beat notes Polyrhythmic Elements of blues and swing Sometimes featuring vocals and one instrument Originated in primarily African American locations in New Orleans, Louisiana (Dixieland) Jazz comes from the word ‘Jasm’ meaning pep/energy Started in New Orleans in 1915 Stems from Ragtime songs after the abolition […]

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Block C Assignment 10

Song about In Memeoriam The song I chose to write about for the category of “In Memoriam” is the rap song by the group A$AP Mob who released the song on January 16th of 2016. The song was written to pay respects to the previous member and the prime founder of the A$AP crew, A$AP […]

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Block C Assignment 9

Controversial Music Created with a unique beat or tempo that goes against the normal. Having off or weird lyrics that’s telling a controversial story. Starting a conversation/discussion based on that piece. A piece that is considered great by some and horrible by others. A piece whose motive is not clear and does not discuss really […]

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Block C Assignment 6

Monsters contribute a lot to society, from helping out the good people showing people who is really the monsters. The monster in this book was actually only as bad as his creator as the monster was created by the man who made a horrible mistake.

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Block C Assignment 3

Prometheus was a man who went against the laws put in place by the gods, to benefit the future of civilization.  I felt like Prometheus was justified in what he did but the punish was put in place for disobeying the gods which was what they said they would do and Prometheus probably new the […]

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Block B Entry 5

Some of my favorite movies are A Clockwork Orange, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained, the Shining and Christine.  A Clockwork Orange is a perfectly crafted and very well written movie, featuring Alex DeLarge, a teen in a dystopian British future and follows his gang related attacks and decriminalization. Inglorious Bastards is a movie set in World […]

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Block B Journal Entry 4

I’m writing about cars in this entry as cars are a very important topic that I enjoy.  I have been studying cars and other automobiles for a very long time. I would want to have some sort of career with any sort of motorized vehicle. I would like to find a way to make a […]

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